Glass Box Method for Easy Solar Analysis Using Building Information Modelling

  • Riva Tomasowa BINUS University


Tropical sunlight contributes to raising a buildings internal temperature outside of the comfort zone. Simulating a sun study would give valuable information to determine a better design decision. However, the architect does not always interpret simulation results when deciding which orientation is best for their design. Possibly, a more user-friendly statistics chart of a simulation report is required. This simulation uses BIM to give an answer to such challenges. First, an equilateral-based model, which is articulated by an opening on every face, and satisfies BEM requirements, is constructed. Then the solar analysis is conducted in a tropical warm, humid site, Jakarta. As a result, the radiation from sunrise to noon carries the significant impact of radiation to the base model. By using a simple method, the solar analysis can easily be transformed into an orientation information. This approach enables an understanding of the solar radiation characteristics before starting the design stage.
Keywords: BIM, passive solar design, solar analysis
Published online
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Tomasowa, R. (2016) “Glass Box Method for Easy Solar Analysis Using Building Information Modelling”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 47(2), pp. 75-78.