A Thematic Review of the Main Research on Construction Equipment over Recent Years

  • Ilias Naskoudakis Hellenic Open University, Patra, Greece
  • Kleopatra Petroutsatou Laboratory of Construction Equipment and Management, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


A considerable body of literature has been dedicated to research studies on construction equipment. Many topics were discussed and analysed, and various conclusions have been reported. However, research papers published regarding construction equipment, are highly diversified, and there is a lack of systematic analysis and classification. Hence, a complete understanding of the topic is not possible, nor is the assessment of any future research direction. A meta-analysis of the latest journal papers dedicated to construction machinery would not only delineate the fields the academic research was concentrated on but would additionally reveal potential gaps for future research.
In the current study, through a systematic review of the academic literature published over the last decade, primarily identified via online databases, main research themes such as optimisation, maintenance/downtime, productivity, robotics and automation, operator competence, innovation, and environment are determined and discussed, with future research directions suggested. The outcome of this paper will facilitate future researchers to develop a body of knowledge of progress on construction equipment and its potential functions and provide future research directions on this issue.
Furthermore, some pointers will be provided regarding the optimum selection of fleet equipment as a key factor for the success of any construction project. These will be given as part of the necessary holistic and strategic approach required to deliver a construction project successfully.

Keywords: construction equipment, optimisation, productivity, maintenance, research, fleet, construction project
Published online
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Naskoudakis, I. and Petroutsatou, K. (2016) “A Thematic Review of the Main Research on Construction Equipment over Recent Years”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 47(2), pp. 110-118. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.10384.