Rome and Its Domes: Drawing, Art and Architecture

  • Emanuela Chiavoni Department of History, Drawing and Restoration, Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


Any analysis performed to gather data about architectural and urban heritage always begins with the observation of reality and the involvement established between the observer and the space around them. A spectator inevitably interprets what they see in a personal manner so as to give objects a specific meaning. The ability to understand the data and the relationship between the parts and then assign it a value varies from person to person. That the mind can mediate the mental processes of perception-action-thought means that any direct analysis to understand a cultural asset is scientifically extremely important. The critical process sparked by an on-site study exploits the concise graphic transcription of what is visible, including the graphics tool used to achieve that representation. This contribution will present a study performed by the author to gather data using the drawings of several domes in the historical centre of the city of Rome.

Keywords: drawing, art, architecture, Rome, domes
Published online
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Chiavoni, E. (2018) “Rome and Its Domes: Drawing, Art and Architecture”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 49(1), pp. 72-76.