Experimental Space and Form Creation on the Borderline in Art and Architecture


  • Gábor Üveges

    Department of Graphics, Form and Design, Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary



In the process of the specialisation of arts and sciences and the fragmentation of knowledge, architecture - in certain aspects - has isolated itself from the other disciplines of fine arts. Yet, distinctive points of connection have continuously persisted between them. The ability to understand, oversee and associate the knowledge accumulated in the different disciplines also has the potential to facilitate progress and inspiration, both in intellectuality as well as in the creation of forms and spaces. This paper demonstrates four distinct directions of the creative work at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Graphics, Form and Design, each of which aims to explore new territories in this unique borderline between arts and architecture through interdisciplinary approaches and interoperability. The first direction, titled “The architecture of the picture and the picture of architecture” was the earliest research project, best described as an architectonic planar and spatial thinking exercise. Another, still ongoing project series has been titled “Folding – creating forms and spaces in light of a philosophical concept”. The third group of research projects could be best summarized under the title “Ideas and Forms–from conceptual thinking to visualisation”. And the final direction “Research Team – experimental architectonic form creation in the virtual space” includes the most recent research projects conducted at the department. These four directions of research projects spanning over a 15-year period have confirmed that the border area between architecture and fine arts carries an exceptional potential in the development of visual thinking, spatial and formal sensitivity and creativity of architecture students.


borderline in art and architecture, experimental space and form creation, folding, visualisation, virtual space, art programs for architecture students

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Üveges, G. (2017) “Experimental Space and Form Creation on the Borderline in Art and Architecture”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 48(2), pp. 113–121. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.11829