Discussion of the Structural Irregularities in the Plan for Architectural Design within the Scope of Earthquake Codes

  • Zeynep Yeşim İlerisoy

    Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Gazi University, Eti Mah., Yükseliş Sok., No:5, Maltepe, 06560 Ankara, Turkey


Earthquake codes are legal documents that set the minimum conditions for the construction of seismically safe buildings, and each country has different restrictions under different subheadings, depending on the seismic history of the region and the economic situation of the country. The biggest contribution to architectural design in earthquake codes is under the heading of "structural irregularity". If the design of a structure is regular, the behaviour of the structure under the earthquake effect becomes more rational, the resistance against the dynamic loads of the structure is increased, resulting in a better economic performance compared to the irregular buildings. To examine the visual expression techniques necessary for architects to be able to understand earthquake codes, eight different seismic codes for countries on active fault lines with different seismic histories were discussed, and it was revealed that limit values for irregularity definitions differed among them. The design decisions that will cause irregularities in the plan are considered comprehensively, and the precautions that can be taken against these irregularities are explained to architects in order to create awareness. In addition, because of the improved comprehension of visual forms in human perception, the subject is illuminated with simple but descriptive drawings. In conclusion, this study can be considered as a source for understanding regulations for seismic design, revealing information about architecture in the face of the ever-changing reality of an earthquake, and the possession of the tools that architects can use effectively in this regard.

Keywords: earthquake code, earthquake resistant design, horizontal structural irregularity
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İlerisoy, Z. Y. (2019) “Discussion of the Structural Irregularities in the Plan for Architectural Design within the Scope of Earthquake Codes”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 50(1), pp. 50-62. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.13040