Construction History in Theory and Teaching

  • Martin Pilsitz Department for History of Architecture and of Monuments, Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Building K, II. 82, Műegyetem Rkp. 3, 1111 Budapest, Hungary


For the development of a comprehensive explanative model on the genesis and use of the history of a historic building, an exclusively visual and aesthetic approach is not sufficient. In addition to the function, the construction is also shown as a peer design factor in the planning, architectural and artistic development. In this context, the task of the technical universities and colleges is to provide students with a far-reaching expertise in historical building construction. To achieve this goal, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), in the context of a research programme, has taken a targeted initiative. For this purpose, a large number of historical architectural drawings were combined in a plan collection at the Department and made available for further research. With regard to the structural importance of these drawings, a systematic scientific research has been carried out.
This study was supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office - grant No. 112906.

Keywords: Civil engineering history, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, historic building materials, Frigyes Schulek, Plan archive
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