Calendars in Time-Cost Trade-Off

  • Helga Csordas

    Department of Construction Technology and Management, Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, H-1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3., Hungary


In project management, there are two main operation problems. Scheduling and cost optimisation. These are interrelated and have mathematically proven solutions for the basics. However, in case of applying arbitrary calendars, there may be generated such effects in scheduling that make the known time-cost trade-off model unusable. In consideration of these effects, this paper aims to apply known algorithms that have been successful for other problems.

Keywords: scheduling, calendar, time-cost trade-off
Published online
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Csordas, H. (2019) “Calendars in Time-Cost Trade-Off”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 50(1), pp. 63-66.