Effect of Change on the Values of Two Historic Mosques in Manisa, Turkey

  • Suna Büyükkılıç Koşun

    Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Güzel Sanatlar Kampüsü, Kalkancı Mahallesi, 55100 İlkadım-Samsun, Turkey

  • Mine Hamamcıoğlu Turan

    Department of Architectural Restoration, Faculty of Architecture, İzmir Institute of Technology, Gülbahçe Mahallesi, 35430 Urla-İzmir, Turkey


This study focuses on the value-change relationship in two historic mosques and presents a management framework that considers their common conservation problems. The case studies are the Haki Baba Mosque in Manisa centre and Kabasakal Mosque in Kırkağaç, Manisa; both have been recently restored. The literature review covers value and intervention concepts with literature and archive research specific to the case studies; this includes a comparative study with similar buildings together with site observations.
Urban development, neighbourhood development maps, and comparative study tables were prepared. The effects of changes stemming from disasters, interventions, planning decisions and restoration projects were evaluated concerning the accumulated values.
Conservation problems include overdevelopment and transformation of original rural sites to urban sites; alteration of earthen roofs to hipped roofs; unplanned spatial conversion and addition of architectural elements. Restoration designs giving no reference to the authentic state of the elements and spaces also mislead the observer in terms of authenticity and are insufficient in terms of the organisation of the daily life objects.
Some universal principles to guide future interventions have been developed: heritage values should be taken as an input in the preparation of development plans; illegal interventions must be avoided; restoration designs should be based on thorough investigation and fully present authentic qualities, and the organisation of daily life objects ought to be part of the restoration design problem. Conservation councils and religious foundations should also be meticulous in evaluating the consistency of intervention decisions and quality of applications.

Keywords: intervention, value, Pious Foundations, Manisa, mosque
Published online
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Büyükkılıç Koşun, S., Hamamcıoğlu Turan, M. (2020) “Effect of Change on the Values of Two Historic Mosques in Manisa, Turkey”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 51(1), pp. 31-41. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.13639