Delineation of the Path Dependence in Development of Central Business Districts (CBD) in Turkey's Kayseri

  • Neşe Yılmaz Bakır

    Department of City and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri, Ahmet El Biruni Street 104, Turkey


This article examines the demolition-oriented restructuring relationship during urban development processes in the case study of the central business district in Kayseri (Turkey) by systematically analysing externally-conditioned events and trajectories. This transformation, characterised by changing periods of development and the analysis of the actors who are particularly active in the process, is explored through the socio-spatial developments in Kayseri. In this study, this has been expounded through the concept of path dependence, which states that current conditions are more dependent on past events and those past events lead to today's results. The decisions on the historically contingent periods and three critical junctures identified in the study were found to have been maintained until the next stage and strengthened by following the path-dependent tendency.

Keywords: central business district development, demolition paradox, path dependence, creative destruction
Published online
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Yılmaz Bakır, N. (2020) “Delineation of the Path Dependence in Development of Central Business Districts (CBD) in Turkey’s Kayseri”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 51(1), pp. 49-64.