Authenticity and didactics: theory and practice in the preservation of our medieval monuments

  • Ákos Zsembery


Nowadays one of the much discussed pivotal points in the preservation of monuments, especially in the case of ruins, are about the charters, i.e. can such theoretical and subjective concepts like authenticity, monument value or restoration be used uniformly and what these phrases exactly stand for? In my analysis I observed and analysed the historical state of the medieval type churches and monasteries around my home area, in Komárom-Esztergom County. Since most of the visited architectural monuments are left as remains, throughout their monumental preservations we could analyse, from a practical point of view, our theories on the restoration of historic buildings. A special viewpoint and method is required for the analysis and restoration of ruins. The tools of architecture differ in the case of the restored buildings and ruins, since in the former case a thoroughly new architectural creation is established during the restoration process, by using only the material and the imagined form of the original mon ument. On this basis, we can state, that the basic needs of restoration are credibility and representation, so simply, these should be analysed within the framework of authenticity and didactics.
Keywords: monument preservation, conservation of ruins, medieval monuments
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Zsembery, Ákos (2009) “Authenticity and didactics: theory and practice in the preservation of our medieval monuments”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 40(1), pp. 37-46.