• János Böhönyey


In the construction industry there is a frequent need to cover long distances with the precise combination of small size components. Diophantos the Greek mathematician dealt with the combination of integer numerals. He worked out both the Diophantine equation and the Diophantine diagram, which are still in use, (also in a slightly modified version). In England, Dunstone worked out another method - beyond the two combinative digits, later also for three. With the growth of industrialization and mass production the interest emerged for three and four digit methods, in order to have a larger selection of combinations. I have developed a rather simple method for a three and four digit version. Combining the Dunstone with Diophantine methods, has also made it possible to apply three and four digits.
Keywords: Combigraph, Diophantine diagram, Dunstone method, B\, `, oh\, onyey method
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Böhönyey, J. (2009) “Combigraphs”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 40(2), pp. 47-53.