The orthogonal grid as the planned urban fabric

  • Mariann Fonyódi


Its background is the article The orthogonal urban grid as an urban attribute \cite 1 which reviews the historical and geographical appearance of this most frequently used urban pattern. This essay wants to organise and define the main structural characteristics of the orthogonal grids, paying special attention to those, which can be used in the description of the changes of the urban fabrics. Finally it analyses briefly the orthogonal patterns of a town - Turin - laid on various eras by various reasons.
Keywords: orthogonal urban grid, supergrid, additive/structural laying or transformation, open/closed grid, homogenous/complex systems, superordinate/coordinate/subordinate relationship, juxtaposition/intersection
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Fonyódi, M. (2008) “The orthogonal grid as the planned urban fabric”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 39(1), pp. 19-25.