The Erdõdy Castle in Vörösvár

  • Katalin Marótzy


The township of Rotenturm an der Pinka - ci-devant Vörösvár - lies along the Pinka in Burgenland, just 20 kilometres from Szombathely. In the middle of the village, in a deserted park stands an especially beautiful architectural creature of the Hungarian Romanticism, the Erdõdy Castle as a masterpiece of Antal Wéber. The building is historicising by mixing the styles from some architectural elements like the column of the carriage passage shown above to the composition itself. However, the building is basically differentiated from the style-mixing historicism of the close of the 19^th century by the fact that every architectural unit is still part of a suite with the traditional formal logic, with traditional proportions.
Keywords: architecture-history, romanticism, historism, castle
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