Geometric sensitivity of statically determinate planar truss families

  • Krisztina Tóth


We define a truss family Ti by a statically determinate truss T0 and a recursive step Ti+1=f(Ti), such that Ti+1Ti and that step  f(Ti) keeps static determinacy. Such recursive algorithms have been broadly discussed in the literature, e.g. the Henneberg operation 1 is a well-known example. Earlier we introduced the concept of geometric sensitivity index rg of trusses, here we investigate the sensitivity of truss families, in particular, the limit sensitivity (Ti).
Keywords: geometric sensitivity, Henneberg operations, method of substitute members, topology of trusses, minimal rigidity, truss types
Published online
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Tóth, K. (2011) “Geometric sensitivity of statically determinate planar truss families”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 42(2), pp. 11-18.