On the Industrial Urban Development of Pest in the 19th Century

  • Martin Pilsitz


As the point of departure for industrialization and the development of a separate architecture for factories, the Industrial Revolution has been seen as an all-encompassing concept – one that explains the industrialization process that spread gradually from Great Britain to the continent [19]. Although this viewpoint is not erroneous from a pan-European perspective, it does not give us the full picture [17]. Since the process of industrial urban development was not uniform in the various industrial centres, in order to gain an accurate and undistorted impression of industrial urban development in, for example, Budapest, we need to examine the subject matter from a “regional perspective” [11]. The article focuses on the regional aspects of industrial development in urban Pest, with special consideration to the engineering and brewing industries.
Keywords: Industrial urban development in Budapest, research on industrial construction in Budapest, cellar systems in Kőbánya, Brauerei Mayerffy, Brauerei Barber-Klusemann
Published online
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Pilsitz, M. (2012) “On the Industrial Urban Development of Pest in the 19th Century”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 43(1), pp. 37-44. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.7159.