“Pubs in Vas County” From the cadastral maps of 1857 to the present day

  • Péter Ivicsics


The examination of pubs and inns in Vas County was made possible by the first cadastral survey in 1857. The present paper attempts to examine this important building type. The architectural design, functions, layout, the location within settlements and the owners are part of the research. Based on the architectural analysis and value assessment of the buildings, the decision as to whether they should be put on the national or locallists of historic monuments and thus be protected can be made.
Keywords: pubs, cadastral map 1857, roadside inn, restaurant, assessment of present day condition of monuments
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Ivicsics, P. (2012) “‘Pubs in Vas County’ From the cadastral maps of 1857 to the present day”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 43(2), pp. 45-51. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPar.7287.