Lajos Fülep: On Art and Architecture


  • András Szalai


Fülep, Lajos (1885-1970) - Hungarian philosopher, art historian. One of the dominant, though partly forgotten, figures in 20th century Hungarian art philosophy and art history. Some experts regard his oeuvre as a being dated, and for this reason consider it unnecessary to study his work however there are a number who consider him ``the creator of modern Hungarian art history´´, and the real founder of the methodological approach called ``Kunstgeschichte als Geistesgeschichte´´ (art history as the history of ideas/spirit), even preceding the works of Max Dvorak in this field. This paper looks at his writings on architecture and on art philosophy related to architecture. The titles in order of appearance: The role of the memory in the artistic creation (1911), Hungarian Architecture (1918), Expedience and art in the architecture (1944), A great opportunity in the rebuilding of Budapest and the country (1948).


art philosophy, architectural theory, Hungarian art, Hungarian architecture

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