Architectural Design through the Geometrical Principles of Biological Growth

  • Ricardo Massena Gago Faculty of Architecture / CIAUD - University of Lisbon


This research is in the field of biological design; more specifically it deals with the decoding of geometrical patterns of ecological shape and their transfer to architectural design. The transfer of these qualities is made through the construction of a geometric design tool, based on biological organization principles (growth). The morphologic pattern is decoded using two distinct drawing tools: shape grammars and Voronoi diagrams. The design tool allows the separation of biologic design from its ecologic references (biological structures), by generating a wide range of human structures with their morphological identity. The tool aims at reaching a morphological coherence between biological and human structures by introducing in human design certain qualities of biological morphology, such as evolutionary balance, integration ability in the environment, structural fluidity and structural multifunctionality.

Keywords: bio-design, generative design, architecture, ecological shape, parametric design
Published online
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Gago, R. (2016) “Architectural Design through the Geometrical Principles of Biological Growth”, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, 47(1), pp. 8-13.