Tools and Techniques in Simulation of Highly Complex, Dynamic Systems


  • József Dombi
  • Levente Sára


This paper will tell us some considerations on solution tools for highly complex problems usually unsolvable by classic exact tools. We are all surrounded by such complex problems even in our every-day life. Usually we should not deal with them in the merit, as we can manage them by intuitive steps and reactions. Other models cannot be handled so easily. There is a great need for qualitative simulating tools and techniques. A rural development system, product development processes, a university management or the solid waste system in New York cannot be investigated without sophisticated simulation tools. The subject of this paper is to develop tools for models, which consist of several parallel processes. Tools and techniques, that will be introduced in the following, have the goal to help the analysis of dynamic systems. Researchers need interactivity to see the behaviour of a system. Another issue is reliability. Double run estimations present a solution for this problem. All these features and more others are included in our simulation tool. The simplicity of experimenting has been utilized and new results have been reached in the models mentioned. Further steps have been taken to develop a well-usable interface.


simulation, complex system, vizualization

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Dombi, J., Sára, L. “Tools and Techniques in Simulation of Highly Complex, Dynamic Systems”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 44(2), pp. 121–140, 2000.