Computer Aided Processing of Industrial Radiographs


  • Zoltán Fehér


The main purpose of this article is to show a method, which allows digital storage, retrieval and transmission through computer network of radiographs. The complex system based on X-ray image database realises computer aided evaluation of industrial records in radiology. In addition it gives an efficient assistance for digitization, display, archiving and interactive evaluation of images giving substantial aid for radiologists. In the first part the versatile system is described, enumerating the main features it provides, in the second part I show the opportunity of automatic evaluation by the help of knowledge-based vision. The system was developed for the Hungarian Gas Company Gázmûvek Rt., and the radiographs of power plant of Újpest are digitised and stored in the database.


non-destructive testing knowledge base system, image database, artificial intelligence

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Fehér, Z. “Computer Aided Processing of Industrial Radiographs”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 44(3-4), pp. 241–248, 2000.