Object-Cooperation in Real-Time: a Contract Based Protocol


  • Balázs Goldschmidt
  • Károly Kondorosi
  • Zoltán László


In this paper we shall introduce a contract-based protocol for object oriented real-time systems, and a simulation environment for this protocol. We outline the problems of object orientation in real-time systems, and the possible solutions. Among the solutions we show the contract-based model, which should handle overloaded situations effectively, and the primary elements of the model. Later on we introduce the simulation environment designed to measure the characteristics of the model in simulated situations. We show the architecture and the inner working of it. We analyse the results it produced. Finally we look at the directions of further development as well.


object orientation, contracts, overload, real-time systems, simulation

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Goldschmidt, B., Kondorosi, K., László, Z. “Object-Cooperation in Real-Time: a Contract Based Protocol”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 44(3-4), pp. 303–316, 2000.