Building dependency graph for slicing erlang programs


  • Melinda Tóth
  • István Bozó


Program slicing is a well-known technique that utilizes dependency graphs and static program analysis. Our goal is to perform impact analysis of Erlang programs based on the resulted program slices, that is we want to measure the impact of any change made on the source code: especially we want to select a subset of test cases which must be rerun after the modification. However impact analyzer tools exist for object oriented languages, the used dependency graphs heavily depend on the syntax and semantics of the used programming language, thus we introduce dependency graphs for a dynamically typed functional programming language, Erlang.


Program slicing, Erlang program, Dependency graph

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Tóth, M., Bozó, I. “Building dependency graph for slicing erlang programs”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 55(3-4), pp. 133–138, 2011.