SOA based web service adaptation in enterprise application integration


  • Péter Martinek
  • Béla Szikora


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a permanent need since various information systems are employed at companies. Numerous standard systems must be aligned to new business processes. There are participant systems older than 10 years, and others developed only 1-2 years ago. This implicates a wide technological variance making the integration problem a real challenging issue. The widespread of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) seems to be one of the most promising approaches in EAI. Although this is already supported by solid technology and tools, deploying executable processes, predicting and optimizing their non-functional performance is still an open issue. In this paper we propose a technological solution for the adaptation of standard enterprise services into SOA integration scenarios providing support for applying data transformation to bridge data incompatibilities. To evaluate our approach three other possible solutions are designed and implemented. An in detailed analytic and experimenta l comparison of the approaches is also presented.


SOA, run-time performance, web service adaptation, data transformation

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Martinek, P., Szikora, B. “SOA based web service adaptation in enterprise application integration”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 53(3-4), pp. 123–138, 2009.