Seismic Wave Propagation Modeling on Emulated Digital CNN-UM Architecture


  • Péter Kozma
  • Zoltán Nagy
  • Péter Szolgay


The synthetic seismogram has seen many years of widespread and successful application in geophysical prospecting. It is used to simulate the normal incidence reflectivity of a horizontally stratified medium and has been employed more recently to obtain the responses of subsurface structural and stratigraphic configurations. The solution of the partial differential equations of motion describing the propagation of stress waves in an elastic medium requires enormous computation power. In this paper a solution of seismic wave propagation will be presented on CNN-UM architecture. Unfortunately the space-dependent equations and the low computational precision do not make it possible to utilize the huge computing power of the analog CNN-UM chips so the Falcon emulated digital CNN-UM architecture is used to improve the performance of our solution.


Cellular Neural Network, emulated digital CNN, seismic modelling, synthetic seismogram.

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Kozma, P., Nagy, Z., Szolgay, P. “Seismic Wave Propagation Modeling on Emulated Digital CNN-UM Architecture”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 49(3-4), pp. 183–193, 2005.