Security Analysis of Sensor Networks


  • Roland Gémesi
  • László Zömbik


Wireless sensor networks distribute a common sensing and computing task within the large number of participants that use wireless communication. Such networks require a self-organizing and energy-aware set of protocols. Several protocols have beed designed for such environments, however to make certain proof of their secureness, their formal analysis is required. In our article, we show an analysis framework capable of proving security properties of such protocols. Our methodology is based on the CSP process algebra. We will demonstrate its power by giving an attack possibility for an existing protocol, and the extensibility of the model will also be pointed.


sensor networks, security analysis, CSP algebra.

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Gémesi, R., Zömbik, L. “Security Analysis of Sensor Networks”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 49(3-4), pp. 239–250, 2005.