Thermodynamics of Gyula Farkas - a new (old) approach to entropy

  • Katalin Martinas
  • Ildikó Brodszky


Caratheodory´s postulate system is regarded as a milestone in the history of foundation of thermodynamics and as one of the most elegant constructions. Entropy is introduced via the adiabatic inaccessibility postulate. The main statement is the existence of an integrating factor for the heat element of the first law independently of the number of variables. The early history is nearly forgotten. Ideas leading to Caratheodory´s principle have developed slowly from the very moment that Clausius proved his famous integral formula. Gyula Farkas, a Hungarian physicist has already in 1895 formulated a version of the adiabatic inaccessibility postulate.
Keywords: thermodynamics, entropy
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