Recovery of aroma compounds from model solution by pervaporation membrane


  • László Hornyák
  • Ágnes Nikolett Hornyák-Holczman
  • Edit Márki
  • Gyula Vatai


The aim of our study was to examine applicability of pervaporation in reference to the apple aroma recovery and the effects of the operating parameters on the process. Based on performed experiments the pervaporation, as membrane process, may be capable to reduce the loss of aroma compounds in the beverages production, due to its low operating temperature and high aroma recovery efficiency so organoleptic characteristics of the products would satisfy the growing consumer expectations as well. The studied main aroma compounds were i-amyl-alcohol, ethanol, butanol, i-butanol, ethyl-acetate, which could be separated with high selectivity. The values of activation energy of investigated compounds follow their order of polarity that requires further investigation. The data were analysed statistically, which showed negligible effects of flow-rate and initial concentration on the process.


pervaporation, aroma, activation energy, recovery

Published Online


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Hornyák, L., Hornyák-Holczman, Ágnes N., Márki, E., Vatai, G. “Recovery of aroma compounds from model solution by pervaporation membrane”, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 58(1), pp. 15–19, 2014.