Measurement of Rarely Investigated Trace Elements As, P, Sr, Zr, Rb and Y in Waste Tires


  • László Rácz
  • Szabolcs Solti
  • Iván Gresits
  • Sándor Tölgyesi
  • Dóra Benedek
  • Nóra Valentínyi

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Péter Mizsey


To exactly determine the composition of the waste tires appearing by the million tons worldwide is of outstanding importance when we are faced with the problem of reuse and recycling. This precise analysis and determination of the composing elements of used tires is the first step towards surveying the possible harmful or toxic effects on the environment and human health. The emission of elements into the atmosphere, groundwater and surface water can be related to traffic, recycling and energy production procedures. In this paper we demonstrate the results of the analysis of trace chemical elements As, P, Sr, Rb, Y, and Zr under 100 ppm in waste tire granules, which were carried out with non-destructive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF). According to the literature these elements were rarely analysed or detected together. Despite the low concentrations, their effect may be significant due to their large quantities.


Waste tire, XRF, trace elements, analysis

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Rácz, L. Measurement of Rarely Investigated Trace Elements As, P, Sr, Zr, Rb, Y in Waste Tires, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 60(2), pp. 78–84, 2016.