Characterization of Ion Exchange Membranes with Special Surface Structure

  • Eliška Stránská MemBrain s.r.o.
  • Kristýna Weinertová
  • David Neděla
  • Jan Křivčík


This article focuses on the preparation of the heterogeneous ion exchange membrane with a special surface structure made with three types of knitted fabric. The special surface structure of ion exchange membranes can be useful for the intensification of mass transfer processes in electrodialysis.
Three types of structured ion exchange membranes were prepared together with a membrane with a flat surface to compare the influence of geometrical structures on the behaviour of ion exchange membrane properties. Electrochemical, mechanical and physical properties were determined. Structured membranes exhibited comparable electrochemical and physical properties to the flat ion exchange membrane. Some transport parameters were measured in an electrodialysis stack with two concentrations of solution. Two electrodialysis stacks with different sizes of active area were used for comparison.
Improving efficiency and mass flux was not confirmed. It was not demonstrated that structured IEMs were not better than IEMs with the flat surface.


structured IEM, characterization of IEM, electrodialysis
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