Seismic Failure Probability and Vulnerability Assessment of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

  • Masoud Ahmadi Semnan University
  • Hosein Naderpour Semnan University
  • Ali Kheyroddin Semnan University
  • Amir H. Gandomi Michigan State University


Building collapse in earthquakes caused huge losses, both in human and economic terms. To assess the risk posed by using the composite members, this paper investigates seismic failure probability and vulnerability assessment of steel-concrete composite structures constituted by rectangular concrete filled steel tube (RCFT) columns and steel beams. To enable numerical simulation of RCFT-structure, the details of components modeling are developed using OpenSEES finite element analysis package and the validation of proposed procedure is investigated through comparisons with available experimental results. The seismic fragility and vulnerability curves of RCFT-structures are created through nonlinear dynamic analysis using an appropriate suite of ground motions for seismic loss assessment. These curves developed for three-, six- and nine-story prototypes of RCFT-structure. Fragility curves are an appropriate tool for representing the seismic failure probabilities and vulnerability curves demonstrate a probability of exceeding loss to a measure of ground motion intensity.

Keywords: steel-concrete structures, failure probability, performance-based seismic design, fragility curve, seismic vulnerability
Published online
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Ahmadi, M., Naderpour, H., Kheyroddin, A., & Gandomi, A. (2017). Seismic Failure Probability and Vulnerability Assessment of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 61(4), 939-950.
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