Study on Flexural Properties of Reinforced Spontaneous Combustion Gangue Concrete Beams

  • Gaonian Li Dalian University of Technology
  • Baomin Wang Dalian University of Technology
  • Mei Zhou Liaoning Technical University


In this paper, the flexural properties of three kinds of reinforced spontaneous combustion gangue concrete (RSCG) beams and one group of reinforced normal concrete (RNC) beam are investigated experimentally by comparison. Three kinds of RSCG beams are constructed with 100% spontaneous combustion gangue fine aggregate, coarse aggregate or both of them and one group conventional concrete beam is constructed with natural aggregates. Effects of different combinations of aggregates on flexural properties of reinforced concrete structural elements are studied under the same conditions, including longitudinal reinforcement ratio, concrete strength grade and section size of member. The experimental cracking moment, ultimate moment and deflection under normal service state of the beams are analyzed according to theories and methods of the present code to evaluate the applicability of present code for RSCG beams. In addition, through ANSYS finite element simulation, flexural properties of the RSCG beams are analyzed. And comparing experimental results with calculated and simulated results, respectively. The results show that flexural features of RSCG beams are similar with RNC beams, and flexural property formulas for conventional concrete beams are also suitable for RSCG beams. Furthermore, simulating results also agree well with test results. It is feasible to use spontaneous combustion gangue aggregate in reinforced concrete structures under the proper design as well as within the proper limit of application.

Keywords: reinforced spontaneous combustion gangue concrete beam, flexural properties, combinations of aggregates, ANSYS finite element simulation
Published online
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Li, G., Wang, B., & Zhou, M. (2018). Study on Flexural Properties of Reinforced Spontaneous Combustion Gangue Concrete Beams. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 62(1), 206-218.
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