Monitoring of Excessive Deformation of Steel Structure Extra-High Voltage Pylons

  • Lačezar Ličev
  • Jakub Hendrych

    VŠB-TU Ostrava

  • Jan Tomeček
  • Radim Čajka
  • Martin Krejsa


Reliability and security of a power transmission depends on the state of the power grid and mainly on the state of the Extra-High Voltage pylons. The paper deals with deformation analysis of existing steel structure of selected Extra-High Voltage pylons which showed excessive differences comparing to the original design. In the assessment of the situation, geodetic survey of selected pylons of power grid that showed the greatest deformation was performed. On taken images, deformation of steel structures by using the FOTOMNG system was also analyzed. The proposed method allows a modeling of the structure of the object based on precisely obtained photographic documentation of the current state. It also represents a very effective method which allows to quickly and efficiently analyze the deformation in the structure of Extra-High Voltage pylons in the critical position of the power grid. Other benefits include the possibility of repeatable and safe measurement.

Keywords: geodetic survey, FOTOM, image processing, radon transform, perspective transform, digital photogrammetry
Published online
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Ličev, L., Hendrych, J., Tomeček, J., Čajka, R., Krejsa, M. “Monitoring of Excessive Deformation of Steel Structure Extra-High Voltage Pylons”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 62(2), pp. 323-329, 2018.
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