An Application of Fuzzy Sets to the Blastability Index (BI) Used in Rock Engineering


  • Aref Alipour

    University of Tehran

  • Mojtaba Mokharian
  • Sajjad Chehreghani


Rock masses have inherently different resistance to fragmentation by blasting. This property is hereafter referred to as the blastability of a rock mass. Empirical models for the estimation of blastability have been developed. In this study, the Mamdani fuzzy algorithm was used to express the blastability index by fuzzy sets. We use Lilly and Ghose blastability models which are important models of blastability. Parameters of these models were represented by fuzzy sets as the input variables of the fuzzy model. The output of the fuzzy model is a final blastability index rating. Experimental data is obtained from seven mine and one dam sites in Iran. BI values are obtained from both BI fuzzy inference system and conventional BI; Fuzzy sets have more adjustment than conventional model.


blastability index, fuzzy inference system, surface blasting

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Alipour, A., Mokharian, M., Chehreghani, S. “An Application of Fuzzy Sets to the Blastability Index (BI) Used in Rock Engineering”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 62(3), pp. 580–589, 2018.



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