Stress and Strength Analysis of Non-Right Angle H-section Beam

  • Mingyi Cai
  • Jianfei Yu
  • Xinmin Jiang


In this paper, according to the design requirements of a steel structural project, based on the principle of structural mechanics of thin-walled bar, the non-right angle H-section, which is subjected to bending moment and shear force, is taken as the object of study, the formulas of bending normal stress and shear stress are deduced. On this basis, the distribution of bending stress and shear stress and the location of dangerous stress are analyzed, the calculation method of section strength is discussed, and the FEA software ABAQUS is used to verify the above. 

Keywords: non-right angle H-section, bending moment, shear force, stress calculation, strength analysis, FEA
Published online
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Cai, M., Yu, J., Jiang, X. “Stress and Strength Analysis of Non-Right Angle H-section Beam”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 62(3), pp. 612-619, 2018.
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