Optimal Seismic Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls Using Metaheuristic Algorithms

  • Ali Kaveh
  • Mohammad Farhadmanesh


In this paper three well-known metaheuristic algorithms comprising of Colliding Bodies Optimization, Enhanced Colliding Bodies Optimization, and Particle Swarm Optimization are employed for size and performance optimization of steel plate shear wall systems. Low seismic and high seismic optimal designs of these systems are performed according to the provisions of AISC 360 and AISC 341. In one part of the low seismic example, a moment frame and Steel Plate Shear Wall (SPW) strength are compared. Performance optimization of the Special Plate Shear Wall (SPSW) for size optimized system is one of the objectives of the high seismic example. Finally, base shear sensitivity analysis on optimal high seismic design of SPSW and size optimization of a 6-story to a 12-story SPSW are performed to have a comprehensive view on the optimal design of steel plate shear walls.

Keywords: size and performance optimization, steel plate shear wall systems, low seismic and high seismic optimal design, colliding bodies optimization, enhanced colliding bodies optimalization
Published online
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Kaveh, A., & Farhadmanesh, M. (2019). Optimal Seismic Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls Using Metaheuristic Algorithms. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 63(1), 1-17. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPci.12119
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