Optimization of Building Components with Sustainability Aspects in BIM Environment

Optimization of building components with sustainability aspects in BIM environment

  • Mostafa Khanzadi
  • Ali Kaveh
  • Mohammad Rastegar Moghaddam
  • Seyyed Mohammad Pourbagheri


In recent decades, the variety of building materials has grown a great deal causing the selection of suitable materials from a wide range of candidates to be complex and difficult. One of the main criteria to be considered in this area, besides reducing procurement cost, is paying attention to various aspects affecting the dimensions of sustainable development, such as increasing energy saving, applying recyclable materials and localization.
This paper proposes a framework in the BIM environment - as one of the successful approaches in the AEC industry - which allows the project stakeholders to choose the most desired and optimal combination for their building components with least human interference in the selection process makes systematic choices. In order to achieve the purposes embedded in the framework phases, several methods such as ENSCBO, DEA and VIKOR have been utilized in order to evaluate and depict the selection process, this is implemented as a Revit plugin and eventually applied to a case study.

Keywords: building components optimization, sustainable development, BIM, ENSCBO, DEA, VIKOR
Published online
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Khanzadi, M., Kaveh, A., Moghaddam, M., & Pourbagheri, S. (2019). Optimization of Building Components with Sustainability Aspects in BIM Environment. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 63(1), 93-103. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPci.12551
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