Purlin-Cladding interaction in standing seam roofs


  • Mansour Kachichian
  • László Dunai


The research activity presented in this paper focuses on the effect of sliding clips and intermediate elements (bridge system) on the secondary load-bearing beams (Z-purlins) in standing seam roofs. The main aim is to determine the lateral stiffness of the system to be used in the stability checking of Z-purlins. The representing element of the roof system is built in the Structural Laboratory of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Department of Structural Engineering. The specimens are built with Z-purlin and MR24 aluminium panels connected to each-other with the help of the concealed sliding clips using folding technique, without holes on the outer surface. The interaction is experimentally studied between the purlin and the cladding system assembly, and the lateral stiffness of the system is interpreted and determined from the test results. The effects of the gravity load on the panels and the different components on the lateral stiffness of the roof system are determined and evaluat ed.


steel roof; cold-formed purlins; standing seam cladding; experiment; stiffness model

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Kachichian, M., Dunai, L. “Purlin-Cladding interaction in standing seam roofs”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 56(1), pp. 13–23, 2012. https://doi.org/10.3311/pp.ci.2012-1.02



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