Characterization of piping with grading entropy on the Surány example


  • László Nagy


Grain size and grain distribution by size are dominant factors determining soil behaviour. The shape and position of a grain distribution curve contain implicit information about the propensity of sand boiling or piping at flood conditions. The author used 104 grain distribution curves taken from 12 sand boil locations to study the relationship between sand boils, hydraulic soil failures and entropy. The results have justified the hypotheses and indicated some fairly important details for practical consideration. Calculating grain distribution entropy is not ` magic ` with mathematics: it simply helps put the expected behaviour of soils into a different perspective and promotes orientation for classifying soils according to a new parameter related to grain movement.


Entropy, grain size distribution, practical evaluation, piping, hydraulic failure

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Nagy, L. “Characterization of piping with grading entropy on the Surány example”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 56(1), pp. 107–113, 2012.



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