Maximum deflection of asymmetric wall-frame buildings under horizontal load

  • Karoly A. Zalka


A new analytical procedure is presented for the determination of the maximum deflection of asymmetric multi-storey buildings braced by frameworks, shear walls and cores. The complex response of the building is separated into two phenomena: lateral deflection and rotation. A closed-form solution is given for the torsional problem leading to a relatively simple calculation. The solution is obtained using an analogy between the bending and torsion of structural systems. The accuracy of the proposed method is demonstrated using the results of over one hundred test structures of different bracing system arrangements, different stiffness characteristics and different heights ranging from four storeys to eighty storeys. Step-by-step instructions and a practical example worked out to the smallest detail are presented to aid practical application.
Keywords: deflection, torsion, continuum method, asymmetric, threedimensional behaviour
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Zalka, K. (2014). Maximum deflection of asymmetric wall-frame buildings under horizontal load. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 58(4), 387-396.
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