Travel Time Delay at Pedestrian Crossings Based on Microsimulations

  • István Fi Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Zsuzsanna Kovács Igazvölgyi


Analysis of pedestrians is always a current issue, there are frequent crowded trams, tram platforms and long waiting time at zebra crossings. The unsignalized pedestrian crossing analyses are very important because these crossings have a crucial role in transport planning. The accident data show decreasing tendency in the pedestrian accidents although the decrease is not too significant. The rate of the pedestrian accidents on zebra crossings is significant; from 2009 to 2012 this rate was on zebra crossings between 32-34%. The VISSIM microsimulation analyses on unsignalised zebra crossings with and without refuge island. Based on the simulation results and international studies, these two facility types are compared. The article provides a recommendation for these facilities (zebra crossing with and without refuge island) for different vehicle volumes and for medium and high pedestrian volumes.
Keywords: pedestrian, zebra crossing with and without refuge island, accident data, delay, VISSIM, microsimulation running
Published online
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Fi, I., & Kovács Igazvölgyi, Z. (2014). Travel Time Delay at Pedestrian Crossings Based on Microsimulations. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 58(1), 47-53.
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