Three-layer in-plane dynamical track model for metro applications

  • Vilmos Zoller
  • István Zobory


In the study a linear dynamical model suitable for metroapplications is constructed and analysed in the framework of the Winkler-foundation theory. The metro track is allocated within the inner space of the tube of big diameter. The tube is considered as a beam on elastic and damped foundation. The track itself consists also of two elastically supported beams, namely the basement beam made of steel-reinforced concrete is situated at the bottom of the tube and connected to the lower-inner surface of the tube by an elastic and dissipative "carpet-pad". The concrete beam supports the rails through an elastic and dissipative layer. The wheel loads acting on the rails are moving horizontally along the track. The set of partial dierential equations describing the vertical motion of the three-layer dynamical system is composed and the method of solution in the case of travelling wheel loads is elaborated.
Keywords: railway track model, distributed parameter system, vehicle dynamics, motion equations, motion responses
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Zoller, V., & Zobory, I. (2014). Three-layer in-plane dynamical track model for metro applications. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 58(4), 335-338.
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