Additive Effects of Road Intersection-Specific Volume-delay Functions


  • Gergely Vasvári

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Describing the relationship between vehicle volume and travel time delay on road sections consisting multiple intersections in the context of junction quantity is favorable to extend the advantage of intersection-specific volume-delay functions. This paper demonstrates a microsimulation method combined with a non-linear function fitting algorithm to determine unbiased delay function parameters and inspect the eect of junction number on time delays. Results are bifold: first the distance between intersections deemed irrelevant regarding delay function shape, second the implicit scaling property of homogenous junction chains is revealed. Consequently the definition of time delay on uniform intersection chains can be determined by a sole parameter set for the volume-delay function and the addition of a single scaling variable.


Non-Linear Least-Squares Method, Function Fitting, Gauss-Newton Method, Volume-Delay Function, VISSIM

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Vasvári, G. “Additive Effects of Road Intersection-Specific Volume-delay Functions”, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 59(4), pp. 487–493, 2015.



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