Development of a Lateral Performance Prediction Equation (LPPE)

  • Hakan Karaca Ministry of Urbanization and Environment


The need to find out the behaviour of structures under the influence of lateral loading in the simplest and most accurate way encourages researchers to seek and develop different methods. The efficiency, ease of application, and time to reach the desired results are the factors which have influenced the way these methods are developed. In a similar stance, the aim of this study is to develop a method to evaluate the structures in terms of lateral performances without consuming too much time and effort. To this end, by using the analytical methods, it is planned to develop an equation to model the relationship between global drift ratio as the lateral performance variable and a number of selected geometrical and structural variables. This equation is named as lateral performance prediction equation (LPPE) by the author.

Keywords: lateral performance, number of storey, lateral stiffness index, lateral strength index, soft storey index, multiple regression analysis
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Karaca, H. (2018). Development of a Lateral Performance Prediction Equation (LPPE). Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 62(2), 429-443.
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