Performance Analysis of Wooden Reinforcement in Rammed Earth Walls

  • Quiteria Angulo-Ibáñez Polytechnic University of Valencia


 In diverse parts of the world there exist some building systemsthat are generated for structural and constructive response tothe earth constructions. In particular, this article discussesabout the perpendicular unions of the walls of rammed earth.This is why, after a brief description of the reinforcement system,its advantages and consequences are developed, comparedto other reinforcement systems. In this way, quantitativeconclusions are obtained, demonstrating the increasing globalresistance of the wall corners compared to horizontal efforts(wind and earthquake) according to the constructive reinforcementsystem which does not have it. It has also been analysedthe collapse of these walls facing gravitational and horizontalloads. The ultimate goal of this work is to preserve the culturalheritage, traditional construction systems and to apply them,by implementing actual improvements, to their recovery.


Keywords: rammed earth, traditional construction, perpendicular wall encounters
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Angulo-Ibáñez, Q. (2017). Performance Analysis of Wooden Reinforcement in Rammed Earth Walls. Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 61(4), 882-888.
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