Stable Object Grasping With Dextrous Hand In Three-Dimension


  • Ervin Tóth


This paper considers a grasp planning scheme for dextrous hands. The grasp is assumed to be a precise one, which means that only the fingertips of the hand are in contact. The most important algorithm of the grasp planner is the placement of contact points in the presence of friction. Based on a heuristic search, a number of grasp configurations are generated. A proposed method for evaluation of the configurations and determination whether a grasp is a force closure, is introduced. These algorithms are used in the experimental control system of an industrial robot, which the dextrous hand is attached to. A two-level robot programming language, which was written for the robot-hand system, is briefly introduced.


grasp planning, grasp evaluation, robot programming

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Tóth, E. “Stable Object Grasping With Dextrous Hand In Three-Dimension”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 43(3), pp. 207–214, 1999.