3D mapping of forced convection efficiency in reflow ovens


  • Balázs Illés
  • Gábor Harsányi


In this paper, the investigation of the heating efficiency in forced convection reflow ovens which apply nozzle-matrix blower system is discussed. In these ovens the forced convection heat transfer coefficient (AA) determines manly the efficiency of heating. Therefore we present here a method where the 3D distribution of AA is determined from temperature distribution measurements in each heater zone of the reflow oven. The method has two steps: first, the temperature distribution in the oven is measured as a function of distance from the circuit board under chosen reference nozzle-line; in the second step, the heating efficiency of the neighbouring nozzle-lines is compared - at a dedicated measuring height - to the reference nozzle-line. From these data the distribution of AA is calculated by the heat equation of the measurement system and extrapolated to the whole oven. The result is a 3D distribution map of AA which is very important to the effective thermal modelling of the reflow soldering process and to the calibration of the reflow oven.


forced convection, reflow oven, soldering

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Illés, B., Harsányi, G. “3D mapping of forced convection efficiency in reflow ovens”, Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, 52(1-2), pp. 59–65, 2008. https://doi.org/10.3311/pp.ee.2008-1-2.07