Vibrator with DC motor driven eccentric rotors

  • Ákos Miklós
  • Zsolt Szabó


DC motor drives are widely used in many devices in mechatronics and industry. Since the performance of these motors depends on their angular velocity, there are some interesting phenomena originating from the counter-action of the drive and the driven mechanical system. The present work proposes a four-degree-of-freedom mechanical model with two DC motor driven eccentric rotors. Only translational in-plane motion of the base is considered. Based on the stationary motions of the proposed system, the changed DC motor performance and the phenomenon of self-synchronization have been showed analytically and by some simulation results.
Keywords: self-synchronization, DC motor, dual excenter, vibromotor
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Miklós, Ákos and Szabó, Z. (no date) “Vibrator with DC motor driven eccentric rotors”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 56(1), pp. 49-53. doi: