Recent technique for thermal-fatigue simulation of heat-resistant steels

  • Tamás Bíró
  • József Csizmadia


Gleeble 3800 thermal-mechanical physical simulator is introduced in this study. Thermal fatigue tests can be carried out in Gleeble simulator in highly controlled conditions. Applying the same tested material, specimen geometry and temperature range, the load of the specimen can alter more than one order of magnitude depending on the control parameters. Some investigations have been done to demonstrate the effect of the boundary conditions (simulation combinations) on the load and strain of the tested specimen.
Keywords: thermal-fatigue, heat-resistant steel, material testing, simulation
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Bíró, T. and Csizmadia, J. (no date) “Recent technique for thermal-fatigue simulation of heat-resistant steels”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 56(2), pp. 107-112. doi: