Analysis of Control System of Fuel Combustion in Boilers with Oxygen Sensor


  • Artur Zaporozhets

    Department of Monitoring and Optimization of Thermophysical Processes, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine, 03057 Kyiv, 2a Zhelyabova Str., Ukraine


The method of fuel quality control is considered, which is based on the using of the oxygen sensor (without sensors of incomplete fuel combustion products). An algorithm for the electric drive of a fan is proposed, which is based on a step changing in the rotation speed. The choice of broadband oxygen sensor as a basis for the development of a fuel combustion control system is determined. In the course of experimental studies, the possibility of reconstructing the boiler by replacing a burner with an installed control system was demonstrated. The commissioning works were carried out with the installed system, the optimum operating conditions of the boiler were determined (with the formation of CO in the flue gases at a minimum level <50 ppm). The technical characteristics of the boiler operation under different loads (from 10 % to 100 %) are considered. Ecological and economic analysis of the developed fuel combustion control system was carried out.


gas fuel combustion, boiler efficiency, boiler heat losses, excess air, oxygen sensor

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Zaporozhets, A. “Analysis of Control System of Fuel Combustion in Boilers with Oxygen Sensor”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 63(4), pp. 241–248, 2019.