Preliminary Planning of Part Manufacturing Process

  • Balázs Mikó
  • Imre Szegh
  • Lajos Kutrovácz


The solution of manufacturing process planning is a complicated and combined problem therefore it is necessary to divide the tasks into hierarchical levels. The first level of this hierarchy is called preliminary process planning, which is the conceptual level of the planning process. The most important tasks of preliminary process planning are (1) the preparation of process planning of blank manufacturing, the part manufacturing and the assembly; (2) correction of the design documents in the view point of manufacturability and assemblebility; (3) selection of manufacturing system; (4) analysis of the manufacturing tasks and estimation of manufacturing cost and time data. The aim of this article is to define these tasks, the connections and a possible process of preliminary manufacturing process planning.
Keywords: manufacturing process planning, preliminary process planning, CAPP, manufacturability analysis, blank type selection, cost and time, estimation.
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